FlyOde provides a platform to assemble the collective knowledge about the development of fly organs (specifically gene/protein interactions and expression patterns at sequential developmental stages).

What can I do with it?

FlyOde can be used to answer following questions:

Question FlyOde Function
What is the global network structure? Network visualization
Which genes are expressed at a specific stage in a specific cell type? Filter
Which genes can be used as markers for a specific cell type at a specific stage? Filter combination using the Boolean NOT
Where is “my” gene in the network and what is its expression pattern? Search box (node mode)
How prominent is a specific biological processes? Search box (GO mode)
How can I include my data? Online form

Why should I contribute?

Because you are part of a community, where by the minimum effort of filling out a short form you can increase the collective knowledge to drive the progress of science.

Because the data will be analyzed and the results will be published in a peer reviewed journal, and you will be one of the authors if you contribute significantly.